Art & History Museum

A Collection brought together by the local residents

In 1905 the town of Baugé wished to endow itself a museum. The Mayor therefore made an appeal for donations from his fellow citizens: objects that related to local history, with an archaeological, ethnographical, scientific or artistic interest. The collection was installed in the east wing of the Château of Baugé which had become the property of the town in 1901.

Several collectors responded to this appeal which formed the basis of the museum followed by other donations which enriched this collection to what it is today.

The history of Baugé is evoked more by allusion than by a systematic collection of objects. All together it bears witness to that which the people of Baugé wanted to convey; their daily life for some and their passions for others.

Practical informations +

Antique and contemporary ceramics, arms, fine arts, objects related to ethnography…after 110 years of exhibition in the Château de Baugé, these collections are removed to the reserves waiting for a new museum

Travelling Collections

On the occasion of the annual summer exhibitions at the château, the collections of the Art and History Museum are rediscovered by the inhabitants of Baugé and passing tourists….The variety within the collections also attracts other Anjou institutions for their own exhibitions.

In 2019, several objects, fencing masks, weighted bowling bowls….had been lent to the county Maine et Loire Archive Department for the exhibition “Tous au Sport”.

In Spring 2020, some textiles will join the “Elégance ”exhibition at the Joseph-Denais museum illustrating Anjou clothing for special occasions during the 17th Century.